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October 2017


Keep Fit This Winter

Sometimes finding the motivation to keep fit during the winter months is just too difficult. However, now is the best time to start.

Staying active during the colder months is a great way to beat the winter blues. Regular exercise will make you feel more energetic and help you to get out of your warm bed on those dark and cold mornings. Although it may feel like the worst thing to do, the benefits are worth it.

  • Increase your bodies defence against winter bugs.
  • Improve your sense of wellbeing.
  • Get your dose of vitamin D

There are many ways of staying active whether you want to venture outside or stay indoors. If you prefer to exercise outdoors ensure that you stay warm by wearing several warm and breathable layers to keep the heat in. A lot of heat also escapes from your head and hands so consider wearing a hat and some warm gloves. You will also need to remember to warm up before exercising as well as after, however we recommend that you try and stretch indoors rather than outside as you could get too cold.

It is also important to remember to stay safe if you are exercising outdoors. If you are exercising early in the morning or evening try and keep in well-lit areas and ideally wear reflective clothing to ensure that you are seen.

If you are not too keen on exercising outdoors during the winter, it might be a great time to try something new. There are many other ways to stay fit and healthy indoors so for more information on how we can help you move more, get in touch and start today!


Everyone else is quitting. Will You?

Free support for Haringey residents to quit smoking this Stoptober

A local health service is offering Haringey residents free support to help them quit smoking this Stoptober.

People are five times more likely to quit smoking for good if they kick the habit for 28 days. By taking part in Stoptober, Haringey residents will enjoy all the benefits of being permanently smoke free.

To help them achieve this, ‘One You Haringey’ is inviting local smokers to attend regular free appointments until they are tobacco free for at least three months.

The service offers a range of free interventions, from group sessions to stop smoking medication.

Beverley Barret, 62, from Haringey, has quit smoking with the help of the service. She said:

“The medication was helpful and easy to use, the sessions were comfortable.

“I felt at home and feel relaxed with my adviser. Thank you.”

Fellow quitter Mark Taylor, 47, said:

“The service in stop smoking was very helpful.

“The adviser was inspirational and helped me stop smoking.”

Last week, Cllr Jason Arthur, Cabinet Member for Finance and Health, visited Beverley, Mark and two other participants who have quit smoking with One You Haringey. He said:

“It was really inspiring to meet with residents who had benefited from the ‘One You’ smoking cessation service.

“There is a lot of evidence to show that quitting smoking can radically improve both your physical and mental health.

“As a Council, we want our residents to live healthy, fulfilling lives so I would encourage anyone looking to stop one and for all to sign up to the One You service – it’s free and easy to access!”

If you would like friendly, free support to quit smoking this Stoptober, contact One You Haringey today on:

Phone: 0208 885 9095