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Have you had your Midlife MOT?

When was the last time you had a health check? This month we would like to share everything you need to know about getting an NHS Health Check.

What is an NHS Health Check?

The NHS Health Check is a health check-up for adults in England aged 40-74. It is designed to spot the early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia. According to our Health Coach Janine, as we get older we have a higher risk of developing one of these conditions, and having an NHS Health Check helps find ways to lower this risk.

What goes on during an NHS Health Check?

A health check is a 1-1 assessment which usually takes 20-30 minutes. You can expect:

  • Question-based lifestyle and hereditary assessments
  • Blood pressure, height and weight measurements
  • A blood test to check your cholesterol

Based on your results you will receive advice and support on lifestyle changes to help improve your health.

Why do I need an NHS Health Check?

An NHS Health Check can:

  1. Spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia.

An NHS Health Check helps you understand your personal health and helps point out things in your lifestyle that could be improved in order to benefit your health and wellbeing.

  1. Identify issues relating to your hereditary health

NHS Health Checks can point out potential problems with your health that may otherwise go unnoticed. A NHS Health Check can help you learn more about hereditary health concerns and understand how they may (or may not) affect you, now or in the future.

  1. Get advice on ways to improve your health

As your body is always changing, regular NHS Health Checks can help you understand how and why your body changes, and tell you more about what could be done improve your body in its current state.

  1. Ask a professional questions about your health

Our trained professionals can answer any concerns or questions you might have about your health. You should never have to sit in silence with your worries when help is at hand.

  1. It’s free

Our NHS Health Checks are free and arranged in many convenient locations throughout the week. Did you know that we performed over 300 health checks in Haringey in 2018?


If you are over 40 and interested in learning more, click here to find out where you could get your free NHS Health Check.


Quit Smoking For Good

It’s that time of year again! New Year means new opportunities to be an even better version of yourself, and this year we would like to make 2019 the year YOU quit smoking for good. Now is the right time to quit, so join your friends, family or local community and make the change with us.

Smoking damages your body in many ways, from the day-to-day effects to long term illnesses. However it is not only you that you are harming, as over 80% of cigarette smoke is invisible and odourless, meaning that regardless of how careful you may think you are being you could still be putting your family at risk.

Why quit?

  • You will save money. Try the NHS Smoke Free calculator to see exactly how much you will save.
  • Your general fitness will improve.
  • The appearance of your skin and teeth will improve
  • You will stop your family and friends from being exposed to second-hand smoke.

Notice the difference

  • After 20 minutes – Pulse rate returns to normal.
  • After 8 hours – Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in blood reduce by more than half and oxygen levels return to normal.
  • After 48 hours – Carbon monoxide will be eliminated from the body. Lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris.
  • After 48 hours – There is no nicotine in the body. Ability to taste and smell is improved.
  • After 72 hours – Breathing becomes easier. Bronchial tubes begin to relax and energy levels increase.
  • After 2-12 weeks – Your circulation improves.
  • After 3-9 months – Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve as lung function increases by up to 10%.
  • After 1 year – Risk of heart disease is about half compared with a person who is still smoking.
  • After 10 years – Risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker.
  • After 15 years – Risk of heart attack falls to the same as someone who has never smoked.

There are many good reasons to stop smoking, and you’re four times more likely to quit with our support than if you go it alone. Chose support that is right for you.

“I have been smoking for 50 years. The first time I tried to quit 2 years ago was unsuccessful. Since using One You Haringey I feel more determined and I motivated to quit.” – Majid

“I have been smoking for 36 years. My coach has been fantastic, and I have now been smoke free for a week!” – Cijma

Amazing things happen when you stop smoking, so let’s quit together today! Chose support that is right for you, and visit One You Haringey  to receive your personal quit plan.

Happy New Year 2018

One You Haringey 2018 Review

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Families getting together, Christmas lights and festive decorations as far as the eye can see.

We are constantly looking for ways to help improve people’s lives through healthy eating, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. To wrap up the year we would like to share some key figures from our service and how they have made an impact on those taking part. And if you aren’t already signed up for our service, maybe these figures will inspire you to take part in the New Year.

Manage your weight

Our weight management course is designed by experts and proven to help you lose weight in a safe and sustainable way. We have had more than 160 people complete our weight management course, and many seeing a reduction in their BMI as a result of our support.

“I am starting to understand the relationship between food and diet, and how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. My coach is very inspirational and I am happy I joined.” – Sylvia

To find out more about our weight management course, click here. 

Smoke Free

Our smoke free service is led by expert advisers who provide tips and tools to help you quit smoking.  Stoptober was a big hit this year. Overall, the programme helped more than 130 people reach their 4-week quit mark, and over 60 reached their 12-week quit mark.

“I have been smoking for 50 years. The first time I tried to quit 2 years ago was unsuccessful. Since using One You Haringey I feel more determined and I motivated to quit.” – Majid

“The Smoke Free sessions were very helpful. To be with other people in the same situation, on the same journey was very encouraging.” – John

To all who took part or are currently enrolled in the programme, KEEP IT UP! And to those who are interested in finding out about the programme, click here.

Check Yourself

We deliver free NHS health checks to 40-70 year-olds living in Haringey were we help assess your current health and help support you to make improvements where needed. This year we performed nearly 300 health checks.

To find out more or find out where our next session will be held, click here.

Move more

We deliver a wide range of physical activity classes, including Zumba, One You walks and strength sessions, to mention a few . This year we had more than 230 Haringey residents take part in our Move More classes, which have been extended from 6-weeks to 12-weeks based on demand. We are happy so many are engaged and actively participating in our programme.

To find out more on what classes we have going on, click here.

Drink Less

This year we have supported more than 430 people assess their alcohol intake, and offered advice and guidance on ways to cut back on their alcohol consumption. Some of the benefits of drinking less alcohol include:

  • Reduce risk of Heart Disease and cancer
  • Less likely to have an accident and take risks
  • Save money

To find out what other benefits there are to quit drinking, click here.

We hope you have a happy and healthy Christmas surrounded by family and friends. From all of us at One You Haringey, we wish you all the best for the New Year!

Autumn bliss

Battling the Autumn Blues

There is something very special and beautiful about this time of year. The changing colours of the leaves, the crisp air and the fact that Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner!

However, there are a few people who do not share the same enthusiasm for autumn and the sinking temperature, darker days or the wetter weather. According to research done at Birmingham Young University, mental health distress increases among individuals during times of the year with reduced hours of sunlight. Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to hibernate during the darker season.

What does not get mentioned enough though is the many amazing benefits to the body and mind from getting outside during the cold winter months.

  1. Walking outside increases blood flow and circulation

An increase in blood flow or circulation in the body can help benefit the heart and the body’s muscles and arteries throughout the body.

  1. Exercising in colder weather burns more calories

As your body temperature sinks it needs more energy to heat up the body’s core temperature, therefore burning more calories.

  1. Being outdoors helps boost your immune system.

Scientists think that breathing in phytoncides – which are airborne chemicals produced by plants – increases our levels of white blood cells, helping us fight off infections and diseases.

  1. Being outdoors gives you your daily dose of vitamin D.

Vitamin D essentially helps us absorb calcium, prevents osteoporosis, and reduces inflammation, to mention a few.

  1. Working out outside will boost your mood.

Cold-weather exercise has the ability to boost one’s mood. As the body works harder to stay warm, the number of endorphins produced also increases, leaving you with a stronger sense of happiness and lightness following a workout in the cold.

To find out more on how to move more, click here.

Let’s remember to stay active throughout this autumn and winter to beat those seasonal blues. Remember to dress accordingly!


Five Ways to Eat Healthily this autumn

Autumn has arrived. The days are shorter and the temperature is colder, but this doesn’t mean that your health should suffer! Whilst refreshing salads may now be less appealing, there are still plenty of healthy and tasty food to eat this autumn!

Here are five ways to eat healthily starting today:

  • Embrace the food that is currently in season, and for Autumn this means you should be eating parsnips, pumpkins (make sure to save one for Halloween though!), sweet potatoes, figs and apples, to name a few.
  • Autumn means earthy, deep colours, such as hearty yellow, green, orange and red. The more colours you can eat the better for your overall health, so fall in love with the vibrant colours of the changing of the seasons.
  • The way you cook your food in the autumn should be at a low heat for a longer time, so look at baking casseroles, hearty pies and healthy soups to keep you warm as the days get colder.
  • Cranberries are abundant in the autumn, they are low in calories and full of antioxidants. They’ll help to treat gum disease and stomach ulcers, and can be bought freshly throughout autumn!
  • British apples are at their peak in the autumn, so support your local produce and use apples in a variety of ways. They can be sautéed, baked and even juiced so stay healthy by getting some of your five a day from a British apple or two.

The autumn season presents us with some great culinary options, so make sure to eat the food that is in season as it will be not only be tastier but also cheaper than the alternatives. You’ll get extra flavour, crunch and texture in all your dishes, as well as nutrients that come with fresh produce which will keep you healthy and warm this autumn!


5 Reasons to start exercising

As summer is unfortunately drawing to a close and the heatwave is seemingly over, your motivation to exercise may be low. However, during the autumn we tend to become less active as the days become colder which isn’t beneficial for our physical health or mental wellbeing. Here are five reasons that you should start exercising today:

1) Exercise boosts your energy – You’ll be fitter and stronger so will be able to do your daily activities without becoming as tired or stressed. This will turn into a beneficial cycle as you’ll then have more energy for the workouts themselves. This will mean you’ll become even fitter and the cycle will continue.

2) Improves your memory – Studies have shown that even moderate walking can help your brain maintain its health. This will help your memory 24/7, so a short workout benefits much more than just your muscles!

3) Reduces body fat – The more you work out, the quicker you can burn off calories as your muscle mass increases. This results in your metabolism speeding up, so that when you do take in calories you’ll be able to burn them off faster. This will mean you’ll be leaner, stronger and feel better too!

4) Reduces the risk of dementia – Aerobic exercise has been shown to significantly reduce the risks of poor mental health in later life. This includes dementia, and it has been shown that older adults who don’t regularly exercise have less of the brain’s white matter, which acts as the ‘computer cables’ that connect parts of the brain.

5) Improves your breathing – Exercise will improve your breathing as the muscles that help to open up your lungs will be strengthened. This will make you feel better as you’ll be able to supply more oxygen to your body with less effort.


How Many Calories Are You Consuming?

Many of us are consuming more calories than we realise – an average of 200 to 300 extra calories
per day. Over time, these extra calories can creep up on us and cause unhealthy weight gain. Eating out has also become commonplace, and a quarter of our calories comes from eating out, which can make it tricky to keep track of calories.

The new campaign aims to help people be more aware of the calories they consume on the go and to
make healthier choices easier, whether picking up breakfast on the way to work, having lunch at
their desks or buying everyday meals.

This ‘calorie creep’ contributes to our countries growing obesity problem, causing a range of
health issues including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and some cancers. As well as setting
people up for a lifetime of ill health, treating obesity is costing the NHS around £6bn every

Our new campaign provides adults with a simple tip to help them make healthier choices while out and about – aim for 400-600-600. People are encouraged to try to stick to around 400 calories for breakfast, 600 calories for lunch and 600 calories for dinner, plus a couple of healthier snacks and drinks in-between.

Major retailers – including Greggs, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Subway, will provide a range of
options to help shoppers find meal options around 400 calories for breakfast and 600 calories for
lunch and dinner.

So if you are looking to eat a little healthier, try a healthier choice today and aim for 400-600-600.

Because there’s only One You. Find out how we can help you today!


Jacki’s Blog

My name is Jacki and I’m here to tell you all about my experience with One You Haringey.

I took part in three One You Haringey services last year and it was life changing! I took part in Be Smoke Free, Watch Your Weight and Move More and honestly it was one of the best choices I’ve made in becoming a healthier me!

After the death of my daughter my life was no longer the same. My health as well as my mental space was effected, and it wasn’t until last year that I decided I need to take the steps to improve my health. After a visit to my doctor he recommended that I take part in the One You Haringey programmes and I did exactly that!

I must admit prior to joining the service I wasn’t the healthiest. I was asthmatic and smoked, I wasn’t at my ideal weight, and having a history of diabetes in my family I knew that in order to lower my own risk, I needed to change my lifestyle.

One You Haringey taught me the importance of regular exercise. I now enjoy taking walks and keeping fit. I learnt how to eat healthy whilst still being able to enjoy some of my favourite meals. Whilst the stop smoking programme gave me the support I needed to quit smoking it also educated me on the dangers of smoking.

The service has not only improved my health but also improved my wellbeing – and I made some great friends through it too.

I would definitely recommend One You Haringey if you would like to improve your health and wellbeing, in fact I have already recommended it to people!

If you would like to improve your health and wellbeing sign up here.


Dry January

Did you know that 62% of people who participate in Dry January had better sleep and more energy? Start your Dry January from the 1st and with our support you’re more likely to change your relationship with alcohol for good.

Support with us is FREE and can help reduce your risk of developing illnesses and improve your wellbeing.

It’s important that you know your alcohol units as well as keeping a record of how many alcoholic drinks you are having. You may not think you are a big drinker but keeping a record through our Drinks Tracker app could help you cut down your alcohol intake.

Charlotte Gowing, aged 38 from London, said: 

“I don’t really see myself as a big drinker but I was quite shocked to see just how much more I drink in the run up to Christmas. Drinks on nights out with work and friends, as well as a few when I’m at home, all start to add up.”

“I am definitely going to give my body a bit of TLC after New Year’s Eve and Dry January will be a good place to start.”

Cutting down means;

  • You’ll be healthier
  • You’ll save some money
  • You’ll have more energy

Why should you do Dry January:

  • 79% of participants saved money
  • 62% of participants had better sleep and more energy
  • 42% of participants lost weight

Did you know that there is no ‘safe’ drinking level? Regularly drinking more than the low risk level of 14 unites a week can contribute to the development of some cancers, stroke, heart disease and liver disease.

We can help you find ways to reduce your intake and lower the risks to your health. Sign up for our support here.


Keep Fit This Winter

Sometimes finding the motivation to keep fit during the winter months is just too difficult. However, now is the best time to start.

Staying active during the colder months is a great way to beat the winter blues. Regular exercise will make you feel more energetic and help you to get out of your warm bed on those dark and cold mornings. Although it may feel like the worst thing to do, the benefits are worth it.

  • Increase your bodies defence against winter bugs.
  • Improve your sense of wellbeing.
  • Get your dose of vitamin D

There are many ways of staying active whether you want to venture outside or stay indoors. If you prefer to exercise outdoors ensure that you stay warm by wearing several warm and breathable layers to keep the heat in. A lot of heat also escapes from your head and hands so consider wearing a hat and some warm gloves. You will also need to remember to warm up before exercising as well as after, however we recommend that you try and stretch indoors rather than outside as you could get too cold.

It is also important to remember to stay safe if you are exercising outdoors. If you are exercising early in the morning or evening try and keep in well-lit areas and ideally wear reflective clothing to ensure that you are seen.

If you are not too keen on exercising outdoors during the winter, it might be a great time to try something new. There are many other ways to stay fit and healthy indoors so for more information on how we can help you move more, get in touch and start today!