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Fun ways to …Get into cycling

Have you been inspired by Team GB or just simply looking for a new and fun way to get fit? With the evenings getting longer and the sun finally making an appearance cycling is a great way to exercise outdoors, with the family or as a part of your commute.

First things first, get a bike. Decide what you will be using your bike for and a bike shop will do the rest. They will help you choose a bike for your need and select the correct frame and size. However, buying a bike does not have to break the bank – look online for a second-hand bike or try asking a friend or family member if they have one they no longer use. To ensure your second-hand bike is safe and roadworthy we suggest getting it serviced.

Secondly, remain safe! If you are out of practice or new to cycling, start in a nearby park. This will build your confidence for when you are faced with traffic and pedestrians.

Cycling safely
• Always wear a helmet
• Be seen and heard
• Check your bike
• Be alert and plan your route
• Always follow the Highway Code
• Don’t wear headphones when you cycle on the road

Lastly, make cycling a habit. You have probably spent some money obtaining a bike so don’t let it go to waste. Try cycling to work, going out with your family and friends or sign up for a charity bike ride.

There are great health benefits from cycling regularly, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. This type of exercise can improve your mood and also motivate weight loss.

Looking for a less vigorous way to exercise? Take a look at our fun ways of getting into walking.

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How To Stay Healthy At Work

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay healthy at work especially if your colleagues aren’t jumping on the healthy band wagon too. Check out these tips to help you keep on track even when things get stressful.

Keep a bottle of water near you

Try and keep a bottle of water near you throughout the day so that it is always in sight for you to sip on. You could also make hydration goals to ensure that you do drink enough throughout the day, e.g. half the bottle by lunch time.If you really don’t like plain water try adding a slice of lemon or lime for extra flavour.

Get out of your seat

If you work at a desk or spend a long time driving then try and get out of your seat as much as possible. On your lunch hour walk to the furthest away store if you’re buying lunch or simply make time to go for a 20 minute walk each day, the distance will eventually add up and you will also notice you are fitter and able to clock up a greater distance in the same time before long!

Keep healthy snacks near by

Some times when you’re having a stressful day the first thing you want to reach for is a chocolate bar or some sweets to help get you through. These will only give you a short-term sugar boost and you will be quickly looking for another boost. Instead keep some fruit or nuts nearby where you are working that way if you feel tempted they will be there for a quick fix and you to stick with healthy options.

Exercise to work

If you struggle to fit in going to the gym before or after work then use your journey to and from as a form of exercise. You could walk or cycle or if you have to drive in park your car as far away as possible.

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Don’t Have Time For Breakfast?

A lot of people skip breakfast for many reasons, whether it’s because you don’t have time, you think it’ll help you lose weight or you’re simply not a breakfast person. But the problem is that breakfast is an important part of a healthy diet, giving you the energy you need to begin the day. It plays an important part in weight management as it kick starts your metabolism each morning and therefore can help you to lose weight.

Here are some breakfast ideas to get you going and to help you get into the habit of eating in the morning.


If you find yourself rushing around every morning with breakfast being the last thing on your mind then try to make something you can either prepare the night before or quickly first thing so you can take it with you to eat at work or on the go. Adding some fruit – fresh, frozen or tinned (remember in natural juice thought not syrup!) to some yogurt and oats or other cereal can be a really quick and easy option, plus it can be easily transported if you need to eat on the go or at work.


If you are put off by breakfast because it simply doesn’t keep you full until lunch time then try and have a breakfast that is higher in protein. Try having scrambled egg on wholemeal toast or a wholemeal bagel with a littlepeanut butter and banana, both with keep you fuller for longer and are healthy options. Don’t forget though – it is fine to have a mid-morning snack as long as you choose wisely.

Weight loss

It is a myth that skipping breakfast will help you to lose weight by saving calories, in fact it often means you’re more likely to eat more when you do  next eat and choose less healthy foods because you’re starving. If you want to lose weight healthily breakfast is an important part of the process, you just need to eat the right foods. Try some different breakfast options such as poached eggs on whole meal muffins or porridge where you can add your own fruit and nuts to keep the taste interesting.

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5 A Day On A Budget

People tend to think that fruit and vegetables are expensive which often leads to buying frozen meals. Eating your 5 a day doesn’t have to break the bank, here are a few easy tips on how you can budget and still get the daily goodness you need.

The market

If you have a local market near you use it! Fruit and vegetables are often a lot cheaper from your local market stalls and can be bought individually or in bulk.

Snack wisely

On your lunch buy an apple and banana instead of reaching for crisps and chocolate. It’ll be a lot cheaper and that’s already 2 of your 5 a day. You can buy a bag of satsuma’s or apples for less than a  £1 and both would last you for at least 5 lunch snacks.

Buy frozen

The benefits of frozen vegetables are that they don’t go out of date so there is no need to worry about wasting money by throwing fresh produce away. You can still get your 5 a day from frozen veg such as peas and it’s a lot cheaper too. In fact most frozen fruit and vegetable has a higher vitamin content than fresh products as the goodness is retained better. If your vegetables are going out of date then cook them into a dish that can be frozen such as a stew or a curry.

Tins count too

It’s quite surprising what you can find your 5 a day in. If you make a pasta sauce using a tin of chopped tomatoes that contributes to your 5 a day, if you make a chilli using red kidney beans that too counts towards your 5 a day. Tins of veg can be as cheap as 30p as well so try and base your meals on recipes where you can easily incorporate different kinds of fruit and vegetables.

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