Dry January

Did you know that 62% of people who participate in Dry January had better sleep and more energy? Start your Dry January from the 1st and with our support you’re more likely to change your relationship with alcohol for good.

Support with us is FREE and can help reduce your risk of developing illnesses and improve your wellbeing.

It’s important that you know your alcohol units as well as keeping a record of how many alcoholic drinks you are having. You may not think you are a big drinker but keeping a record through our Drinks Tracker app could help you cut down your alcohol intake.

Charlotte Gowing, aged 38 from London, said: 

“I don’t really see myself as a big drinker but I was quite shocked to see just how much more I drink in the run up to Christmas. Drinks on nights out with work and friends, as well as a few when I’m at home, all start to add up.”

“I am definitely going to give my body a bit of TLC after New Year’s Eve and Dry January will be a good place to start.”

Cutting down means;

  • You’ll be healthier
  • You’ll save some money
  • You’ll have more energy

Why should you do Dry January:

  • 79% of participants saved money
  • 62% of participants had better sleep and more energy
  • 42% of participants lost weight

Did you know that there is no ‘safe’ drinking level? Regularly drinking more than the low risk level of 14 unites a week can contribute to the development of some cancers, stroke, heart disease and liver disease.

We can help you find ways to reduce your intake and lower the risks to your health. Sign up for our support here.