Meet the One You Haringey Team

We had a chat with the lovely Deborah Saunders from One You Haringey

Hear what she had to say about her role at the service:

What is your role at One You Haringey?

Health & Wellbeing Coach Manager

What do you do?

Manage the day to day operational side of the One You Haringey programme, plan and co-ordinate new courses, line manage the Health Advisors and make sure everything needed to deliver our services are accessible and available

What is your favourite thing about your role?

No day is the same but its good to know as a team our actions are helping to improve the lifestyle and health outcomes for people in the borough

Why should people sign up to OYH?

Because it is a free service which is there to support them to make manageable changes to their lifestyle to improve their health, lifestyle and wellbeing, reach their health goals, with health advisers there to support them along the way

What benefits have you seen in people that have taken part on the programme?

I have seen people make substantial weight loss, become more active, take part in activities that they never thought they would and learn about new ways of doing thing, make new friends and improve their general wellbeing. It’s nice to see people change before your eyes.

What’s your favourite thing about Haringey?

It is a multi cultural borough with a lot of diversity and I also live her too

Thanks Deborah! If you’d like to sign up the service and meet some more of the One You Haringey team sign up here or call: 020 885 9095