Happy New Year 2018

One You Haringey 2018 Review

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Families getting together, Christmas lights and festive decorations as far as the eye can see.

We are constantly looking for ways to help improve people’s lives through healthy eating, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. To wrap up the year we would like to share some key figures from our service and how they have made an impact on those taking part. And if you aren’t already signed up for our service, maybe these figures will inspire you to take part in the New Year.

Manage your weight

Our weight management course is designed by experts and proven to help you lose weight in a safe and sustainable way. We have had more than 160 people complete our weight management course, and many seeing a reduction in their BMI as a result of our support.

“I am starting to understand the relationship between food and diet, and how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. My coach is very inspirational and I am happy I joined.” – Sylvia

To find out more about our weight management course, click here. 

Smoke Free

Our smoke free service is led by expert advisers who provide tips and tools to help you quit smoking.  Stoptober was a big hit this year. Overall, the programme helped more than 130 people reach their 4-week quit mark, and over 60 reached their 12-week quit mark.

“I have been smoking for 50 years. The first time I tried to quit 2 years ago was unsuccessful. Since using One You Haringey I feel more determined and I motivated to quit.” – Majid

“The Smoke Free sessions were very helpful. To be with other people in the same situation, on the same journey was very encouraging.” – John

To all who took part or are currently enrolled in the programme, KEEP IT UP! And to those who are interested in finding out about the programme, click here.

Check Yourself

We deliver free NHS health checks to 40-70 year-olds living in Haringey were we help assess your current health and help support you to make improvements where needed. This year we performed nearly 300 health checks.

To find out more or find out where our next session will be held, click here.

Move more

We deliver a wide range of physical activity classes, including Zumba, One You walks and strength sessions, to mention a few . This year we had more than 230 Haringey residents take part in our Move More classes, which have been extended from 6-weeks to 12-weeks based on demand. We are happy so many are engaged and actively participating in our programme.

To find out more on what classes we have going on, click here.

Drink Less

This year we have supported more than 430 people assess their alcohol intake, and offered advice and guidance on ways to cut back on their alcohol consumption. Some of the benefits of drinking less alcohol include:

  • Reduce risk of Heart Disease and cancer
  • Less likely to have an accident and take risks
  • Save money

To find out what other benefits there are to quit drinking, click here.

We hope you have a happy and healthy Christmas surrounded by family and friends. From all of us at One You Haringey, we wish you all the best for the New Year!