How To Get Healthier Looking Skin Without Spending A Fortune | Guide To Youthful Skin
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We are all seeking radiant, youthful, and clear skin. The beauty industry assures us that buying expensive lotions and potions will help us to achieve this. However, the answer could be as simple as exercising…

Foods that support healthy weight loss | Healthy Eating
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Typically, foods that promote weight loss are those which are high in fibre and therefore keep you feeling full for a long time. Another thing you should be looking out for during your food shop…

losing weight exercising
Exercising but not losing weight? Reasons for your weight loss plateau
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When people imagine what working out will be like, they often picture instant results and to achieve their goals within weeks. However, it often does not work like this. If you have been working out…

exercise for mental health
Looking after your mental health | how exercise can help
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Mental health is a tricky one. It is usually the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about because it’s hidden, it’s personal and it’s judgeable. Unlike a physical injury it’s not obvious; if you’ve got a…

tobacco plants produce nicotine for smoking
What is nicotine? And how does it affect smokers?
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Answer: Nicotine is a natural product of tobacco, occurring in the leaves of Nicotiana tabacum and Nicotiana rustica. It can also be found in the nightshade (solanaceae) family of plants. This family includes: tomato, potato, aubergine,…

quit for covid
Cognitive Dissonance: the reason people continue to smoke despite the Coronavirus risks
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Why people continue to smoke: explaining opposite behaviours; destructive smoking and protecting from Covid-19 Written by Be Smoke Free Coach, Karolina  Ayers   There are many people who continue to smoke knowing its destructive consequences, yet at the same time do all what’s possible…

Home workout classes
Move More With Stephanie
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What classes are available?  The range of classes that I currently run are:  Healthy Cardio designed with the intention raising the heart rate for the cardiovascular system, to build more lung capacity and help to lose weight as well.  Strength Conditioning which is designed to really condition the body…

drinking alcohol
How do I know if I am drinking too much alcohol?
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It is recommended that we drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week. However, it is important to note that these units should be spread evenly across 3 or 4 days. This means that you should not be saving up…

5 Signs Your Kidneys May be in Danger
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The following blog post was written by our guest editor, Jenny Hart, who is a Health and Wellness Writer with a focus on ageing and travel. She has also obtained a Bachelor’s Degree  in Health…