How to quit smoking, and stay quit, during lockdown
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Quitting is a process; take it one day at a time. Withdrawal symptoms can feel unpleasant and uncomfortable, but it’s important to remember that they are only temporary and are definitely not life-threatening. And most importantly,…

quit smoking
Quit for Covid-19
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Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable death in England Smoking (including shisha, cannabis, or any other substances) is a highly addictive habit and tobacco is carefully engineered to deliver a steady dose of nicotine…

Stress free Family
Stress causing you to gain weight?
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How common is stress? In the UK, stress is unfortunately extremely common. In fact, according to a recent survey, “74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they…

Meet Naomi, our Health and Wellbeing Coach
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This month, we interviewed our Health Coach Naomi. Find out what she had to say about her background and why she would recommend us.   What did you do before you became a Health Coach…

Exercise for energy| how does exercise boost energy levels?
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Tiredness or fatigue may be your go-to excuse for not exercising. If this is the case, we  have some good news; exercise has actually been found to increase your energy levels. In fact, exercise has…

healthy pancakes for shrove tuesday
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Pancakes don’t have to be unhealthy. In fact, with just a few simple substitutes they can be transformed into a healthy, nutritious meal. If you’re looking for small changes, start with swapping your plain flour…

Pilates with Sunny at One You Haringey
What kind of workout is pilates? Your questions answered
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We asked Sunny Skorik, our Pilates instructor at One You Haringey a few questions about how Pilates benefits your mind and body.

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Does going cold-turkey work?
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  What is going ‘cold-turkey’? Quitting ‘cold-turkey’ is when you withdraw from smoking completely, rather than gradually cutting down. This method is often the most appealing for first-time quitters, but is not always suitable. It’s…

Lynne quits smoking using champix from one you haringey
Lynne found the most effective way for her to quit smoking
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Lynne joins the Be Smoke Free programme When Lynne joined the Be Smoke Free programme, she wasn’t sure what the best way to quit smoking would be. Her health coach Lorraine suggested she tried Champix…