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Alice's weight loss journey: The programme that worked

I had tried all sorts of diets to lose weight before joining. But each time I fell back into the cycle of losing weight only to quickly regaining it all weeks later.

The difference with this programme is that it is about lifestyle changes, rather than just a short-term weight loss solution. We had weekly classes where our coach, Naomi, taught us about nutrition and how to eat well. Having a coach and a group to report to every week has been extremely helpful! But just getting the right information will help me along the way.

Naomi's advice is great! We were given a momenta workbook at the beginning, and it has lots of very good info. The workbook is very helpful because it takes us through step by step each week. Naomi was very good at explaining some of the challenges I personally had throughout and helped me and others in our group to overcome them.

During the 12 week course, Naomi took us on a journey of learning and improving. From what we eat to becoming more active and enabling us to achieve our weight loss goals. My goal at the start was to lose 5% of my body weight. I have so far lost 4.5kg since the start of the programme, which is almost the 5%, so I am very pleased!

I would like to continue with Naomi; she has inspired us so much and she is very knowledgeable. I want to continue with One You Haringey service to lose more weight and improve my eating habits, my exercise and maintain my healthier lifestyle.

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