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Altering my eating habits – Shona’s story

"My Health Coach, Naomi was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic when delivering the Manage Your Weight sessions, and the support she provided made it more understanding for me, as she had been through a similar journey with her own weight loss. Naomi was very sympathetic to the group, and based on her experience she gave us great tips on how to curb unhealthy eating patterns.

“One tip that stuck and has really helped me, is to brush our teeth after our last meal, which will then stop us from snacking late. I find it most challenging when I am tired, as I tend to comfort eat, however, I remind myself of my progress so far and all things that Naomi has taught us.

“I have learnt so much in the course during our sessions, we have discussed carbohydrates, fats, and portion sizes, which I knew nothing about before.

“I have lost a stone since starting the class and I am more physically active now, as I didn’t know about the daily exercise recommendation before I joined the class. I will keep using all the tools that I have learnt from the class, and thanks to the support from my coach, I have since cut back on my alcohol intake too!”