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Get To Know Health Coach Jenny

A bit about me

I spent 25 very enjoyable years working in the travel industry; I was employed by one of the leading UK travel organisations and worked my way up from being a travel consultant to a store manager. Whilst working here, I had some great opportunities from bespoke training and development to travelling to many countries that I otherwise would not have seen. However, as the industry evolved and became more digitally focused, I decided it was time to move out of my ‘comfort zone’ (after 25 years I was very comfy) and pursue a new career.

After much research, I decided that the food industry would give me as much job satisfaction as travel had. This was a really important factor in my choice and led me to completing a degree in Food & Nutrition. The degree was half food science and half nutrition; however, it soon became apparent that the nutrition and health side interested me the most, and that is when I decided that I wanted to follow this path for my new career. Upon completing my degree, gaining a first-class honours, I began my new career first as a Health Advisor for Bupa, delivering corporate health checks, followed by a position at the Royal Free Hospital as a Nutrition Therapy Assistant.

My Role at One You Haringey

My current role as a Health & Wellbeing Coach is to deliver adult weight management programmes and smoking cessation clinics to residents of Haringey. The role allows me to combine my knowledge and skills from my previous work experience and my studies, to successfully help our participants make changes to their behaviour to improve their health. My job is to encourage Haringey residents to lead healthier lives, whether this is by eating better, adding exercise into their daily lives, or stopping smoking.

Delivering these interventions in the community has prompted a new interest for me in behaviour change techniques such as motivational interviewing. As a Coach it is very important to me to allow my participants I work with to make their own decisions around their health; I simply give them the information and ‘challenge their normal’, whilst encouraging and supporting them as they make the changes necessary to change their lifestyle. My motivation is quite simply to help our participants be successful in achieving their health goals.

How I can help you

The service that One You Haringey offers is a great way for Haringey residents to make improvements to their lifestyle for free! Whether it be wanting to lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, get a health check, or get help to drink less alcohol. I work with a fantastic team and between us we have a wealth of experience which ensures the service is run in a very professional way, and we constantly strive to do things better in our aim to improve the lives of Haringey residents

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