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Haringey Council’s New Healthy Lifestyle Programme Helped Barbara to Lose Weight


Our New Programme

In addition to our usual service that we offer in Haringey, we are delighted to have been given some extra funding from Public Health to extend our weight management service for Haringey residents living with obesity. We’ve developed a simple, effective healthy lifestyle model that incorporates nutrition, physical activity, and behaviour change, The programme can be adapted to suit the diverse cultures of people living in the borough and will help to reduce health inequalities in Haringey.

One You Haringey's Operations Manager says: "the last 18 months have been challenging and for some people elevated stress, emotional eating, and physical inactivity has resulted in weight gain. The courses will be delivered in popular community venues in Haringey by our expert Health & Wellbeing Coaches Lucia and Kevin, who will be supporting our participants to achieve their health goals in a sustainable way."

Barbara's Experience

Prior to joining One You Haringey’s Lose Weight programme, Barbara had tried almost every weight loss method: having herjaw wired together, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet, Gym and CBT for over a year at St Ann's Hospital. In between each of these attempts, sadly Barbara says she “usually reverted back to the same old overeating patterns and generally the bad eating pattern progressively worsened over the years.”

Unfortunately, some individuals struggle to manage their weight more than others. However, it is possible; through teaching, our programme participants lose weight, gain confidence and lead healthier lives.

Barbara has had a more difficult weight loss journey than many, which makes it all the more rewarding that we have been able to help her to achieve sustainable weight loss. This has been obtained largely through developing healthier eating habits.

How did Barbara get on?

Barbara joined with programme with the hope of learning how to regulate her eating. Barbara struggled with snacking, so it was important that we helped her to create and maintain an eating routine to stick to.

The Programme

Barbara joined the programme during the pandemic, so the classes were carried out via Zoom. For Barbara, this proved very convenient and more suitable than in person classes. Due to her previous experiences trying to lose weight, Barbara was unsurprisingly sceptical.

“Initially I was concerned that the programme would not be a good fit for me. I thought I'd probably have heard the advice thousands of times before from all different health professionals. However, Naomi was my coach, and her style of delivery really hit the message home for me. She had lots of great tips as well!

“Naomi has been instrumental in helping me to understand why I eat and how I eat. She also provides real life examples of how the Momenta program can be incorporated into my lifestyle. The sessions have been a breath of fresh air. And my commitment to the programme has, in a large part, been due to Naomi and her delivery of it.”

Barbara’s Achievements

“Most importantly for me, I understand portion sizes!”

Before this course, Barbara had struggled with moderation and understanding how much food to eat as part of her recommended daily intake. Consequently, she had been eating too much without realising.

This Lose Weight programme has transformed her outlook and enabled Barbara to make positive and long-lasting changes to her lifestyle. “I have lost over 10kgs so far, but it's almost inconsequential at this point. More important to me is that I have been able to develop a 'regular' eating pattern and not continually eat throughout the day for reasons other than hunger. Naomi has made me more aware of the smaller details to pay attention to for a healthy weight loss. She has taught me that I can sustain my weight loss through food choices and increased activity levels.”

If you would like help to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way, you can sign up to our free Lose Weight Programme.