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Healthy living satisfaction – Sandra’s story

Sandra joined One You Haringey to learn practical ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve a healthier weight. At the beginning of her journey with us, Sandra set herself a target of one stone weight loss by the end of her time on the programme.

Sandra shared: “My Health Coach, Naomi, was able to provide support and guidance on my weight loss journey. She encouraged me to stick to the weight management programme, to read the ingredients and nutritional values labels on food packets, and not to give up if my weight fluctuated one week. Naomi taught me to how to persevere with eating healthy and exercising, and I have learnt about weight loss which makes me feel better about my body and my appearance.

“My main challenge was that, sometimes I didn’t want to eat three meals a day if I was feeling unwell. Naomi’s positivity and encouragement got me through these times and instead of just snacking I learned to combine healthy snacking with breakfast, lunch and dinner and ate at more regular times. “The programme reading helped me to put a plan in place for healthy living and with Naomi's help I achieved my goal! I achieved my weight loss goal, and this increased my confidence to wear a fitted dress, which didn’t fit me three months prior to joining One You!

“Since joining One You, I have become much more active despite my mobility issues. I now walk 30 minutes to an hour each day, and at least two days a week I dance for 40 mins. I have learnt how to have a social life and enjoy myself with family and friends without overeating. I have made a vow to myself not to go back to the weight I was.

“I have now set myself new goals for the next three months and I would like to attend more One You programme sessions”.