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Louisa Loses 1 Stone on Lose Weight programme

Why did you join the Lose Weight programme?

Over the last 30 years I must have tried every diet out there! I decided to give this programme a try, hoping that it would provide me with guidance on how to lose weight.

The group aspect of this programme really appealed to me! I wanted to get motivated and educated and meet people who were in a similar situation to me.

How did the programme work?
We had a one-hour group Zoom session every week. Naomi was our coach and every week we talked about a different subject linked to being healthy and losing weight. Naomi led great sessions; she was always very friendly and knowledgeable. The other women in the group were also lovely and supportive! We all shared tips and encouraged each other so it was a real bonding experience with a brilliant leader.

What did you achieve during the 12 weeks?
I have lost over a stone in weight, so I’m thrilled! I have gained confidence, I am moving/exercising more and I have been educated on a healthier lifestyle, which I am adopting. I am going to continue to eat well and exercise more to keep up my weight loss journey.

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