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Move More With Stephanie

What classes are available?

The range of classes that I currently run are:

  1. Healthy Cardio designed with the intention raising the heart rate for the cardiovascular system, to build more lung capacity and help to lose weight as well.
  2. Strength Conditioning which is designed to really condition the body and tone the muscles.
  3. Building Strength which helps to improve muscle strength and endurance as well as maintaining posture
  4. Stretch and Flexibility classes where we focus more on stretching. Obviously, there are two sides of exercising, one part is the activity and then there is the relaxation and stretching out the muscles as well to create that balance.
  5. Chair-based exercise class which is for people who are not too strong on their legs or have had operations where they cannot really stand too much.

How many classes should you take part in per week?

We would access the number of classes you should take part in, taking into account your energy levels, whether you have any injuries or other underlying health problems, but generally I ask how you feel because I think that’s the most important part. But I would usually recommend up to 3-4 times a week because that is the government guideline. It is about fitting it around you and your time commitments and work. So that is why it is nice that our classes cover both evenings and daytime classes for people who work and are busy with family.

Who are the classes suitable for?

When I started the classes; I wanted them to be inclusive of everybody; all ages and fitness levels, because everybody should be able to exercise and enjoy classes. Everybody should be active because that is what the body is designed to do. The chair-based classes are good for people with limited mobility. If they are overweight and cannot get down on the floor too much, most of the classes I do do not involve going on the floor anyway, which is a bit relief to people! So, it is definitely good for people with limited mobility or those who have had operations and need to ease gently back into exercise.

What do people most enjoy about the classes?

My focus is really on making sure you are enjoying whatever you are doing because if not you will not want to continue. You want to finish a class you want to feel like “ah wow I can’t wait to go back”. And if I’m enjoying delivering it, which I am, it radiates out to everyone else so they get that same energy as well.

The first factor is fun, the second is it has got to functional; it has got to work so that you can you see positive results. A lot of people have said they feel stronger within themselves; their breathing capacity is much better, and they have a lot more energy at the end of the day because they’ve got more oxygen in their system. It just means that they have now got a little bit extra to do a little bit more throughout the day.

The best thing about delivering the Move More classes

I have Move More participant who is taking part in my stretch and flexibility class and she said that she has been sleeping better just from doing the relaxation and exercise. And that is the kind of feedback I get, and I love to hear! I love to hear improvements in health conditions, their numbers going down in the right direction. That is what I like to see; positive changes and how exercise is really impacting their lives in a positive way.

It’s about change and seeing people transform themselves from stage A to whatever their goal is. Once people can see steady progress people are encouraged because that is what they want.  It is lovely to be able to be a witness to that in so many people- it is really awesome.

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