What goes on during a Blood Pressure Check?

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When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked?

In honour of Know Your Numbers Week we asked Janine Emelieze, our Outreach Coordinator at One You Haringey, how long a blood pressure test took and what exactly was involved. Did you know the longest an appointment will last would be just 7 minutes?

Janine said:

“During a BP check, you would be asked to sit down in the correct position by a trained member of staff. Then they will have a chat about BP, and asked if you understand what it all means and why it’s important to have these checks. You will then be asked a few questions regarding exclusion criteria including if you’re pregnant or have hypertension.

If you are not eligible, we can still do the test if you aren’t pregnant. If you are eligible we will collect information, including GP Practice, name and postcode etc.

The BP cuff is then placed around the upper arm, and you are asked to keep still while the reading is taken. A BP reading is taken twice, and three times if there are issues with the results.

If your BP is normal, you are informed about your result and given a card with your readings and further explanations.

If your BP is high, then you are given the same card with readings, but encouraged to go to your GP within a certain amount of time, depending on how high your BP is (for example, if you are over 180/110 you will be asked to go directly to A&E).

Your BP check take even less time than 7 minutes depending on how much information you request.

Why not find out what your blood pressure is today during Know Your Numbers Week? It’s free and accessible in many locations in Haringey.

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