Lynne quits smoking using champix from one you haringey

Lynne found the most effective way for her to quit smoking

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Lynne joins the Be Smoke Free programme

When Lynne joined the Be Smoke Free programme, she wasn’t sure what the best way to quit smoking would be. Her health coach Lorraine suggested she tried Champix medication and her goal was to set a 12 week quit date. She successfully quit smoking with the help of her health coach as Lynne found the most effective way for her to quit smoking. Read her story of how gave up smoking with One You Haringey.

Health concerns

At 58 years old, Lynne was suffering from some health concerns including having minor asthma. After talking to her local GP, she was signposted to One You Haringey to see how they could help her to quit smoking.

She had used several quit smoking products before such as Nicorette patches (NRT), stop smoking hypnosis, and Allen Carr’s literature and advice on giving up smoking.

Lynne’s motivation to quit was driven by her desire to get healthier in general and to give up smoking for good.

Champix medication

After Lynne met her health coach Lorraine, she decided to use champix medication to help to stop smoking. This involves taking a 12-week course of tablets (normally 1-2 tablets per day.) They’re designed to relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking. If you’d like to find out which treatment would suit you best, you can read our blog post which details 3 types of quit smoking products.

Feeling healthier being smoke free

As a result of completing her 12-week quit plan, Lynne successfully quit smoking for good. Her last CO reading was 1PPM, which shows she was free from the harm that smoking cigarettes used to cause. Usually any value above 5PPM suggests an exposure to tobacco smoking. Lynne found the most effective way for her to quit smoking. When you sign up with One You Haringey, we’ll help you find the best way that suits you too.

Lynne commented on her quit attempt success:

“I feel very confident with my achievement. I feel happier and more active since I have quit smoking.”

If you would like to quit smoking too and receive free support from us, you can sign up to our Be Smoke Free programme on our website.