Walton McLaren with his health coach

Get inspired by our Haringey residents to quit smoking

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“That’s just the way it is.” Is it really though? It’s never too late to quit, even after 10 or 20 years! We’ve compiled some of our most inspiring stories from people who have quit smoking after using our support. We hope you feel inspired to be smoke free this year!

If you need help to stop smoking, One You Haringey are here for you. If you’d like to be smoke free and feel healthier today, we offer free expert advice from our trained stop smoking advisers. We also are an e-cigarette friendly service.

Life changing advice

“The adviser was extremely helpful in every way in helping me to quit smoking. “Walton McLaren, 71,

Walton McLaren with his health coach

Walton with his health adviser. Walton quit smoking at 71 years old, proving you can quit at any age!

“I didn’t think anything would help me to stop smoking, but you did help me! I feel free as if I have broken the chains from me; the weight that was holding me down. Being able to breathe better and have more energy has meant I feel great. I wish I asked for your help earlier. To be honest, I can safely say that I don’t want to go back to smoking again. Thank you so much” Theodora Miliotis, 47

“The programme was very informative and gave me the courage to stop smoking.” Eric Osano, 39

Personal support

“I received constant support was great, knowing my health coach was always there for me who could listen to everything about my health, family and extenuating circumstances. Very human encouragement.” Angela Baker, 55

“Larissa’s approval to support my non-smoking was not pressured – she was very supportive. I had tailored support and my needs and concerns were all addressed through my journey of giving up smoking.” Kyriacos Spyrov, 52

Successful quit attempts

“I’ve have finally stopped smoking. Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without the help and support I received. I was a smoker for more than 15 years, smoking more than 10 a day.” – Abubakar Adhara, 33

 “It is great to feel that someone is there for you to share the struggle all the way and celebrate small successes. The advice I received was very helpful in backing up my own resolution to give up smoking. I’ve tried many times but this time I feel that I can manage to stay smoke free thanks to One You Haringey”. Kalinowska Anna, 35

Stop smoking aids
Nicotine replacement therapy

One You Haringey will help to provide you with all the support you need to quit

“The most beneficial thing about joining the Be Smoke Free programme was the regular meetings I had with my health coach. Having free NRT products was great.” – Casper

“I was so happy to meet Lorraine who was my health coach. She helped me to quit smoking whilst I was pregnant. Now I’ve quit for my baby and me. The Lozenges really helped me to quit. Milena Siemienowicz, 31

If you would like to quit smoking with support from One You Haringey, you can sign up to our free Be Smoke Free programme to get personalised advice.