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Making every contact count (mecc) is back

A Change For The Better gives managers, team leaders and team members the chance to learn and pass on key messages, advice and tips when workig with Haringey residents.

The 2-hour course is delivered remotely, with refreshed participant materials and effective train the trainer materials sent electronically.

How can we help you help others?

  • Healthy eating

    Promote the benefits of healthy eating

  • Healthy lifestyle

    Raise the issue of healthy lifestyles

  • Behaviour change

    Introduce more positive behaviours

  • Wellbeing

    Signpost to further support

  • Teach

    Nutrition, Wellbeing Food Labelling & Goal Setting

How to get involved

Find out how to use your opportunities to interact with staff and local people. Help Haringey residents to fight against long-term conditions and/or contributing to the life expectancy gap in Haringey.

You may have joined one of the previous MECC courses but in light of Covid-19, and the ever changing wellbeing climate, it is important for you to be aware of how you can support your teams to support local residents.

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