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Do you want to quit for good?

The single best thing you can do to improve your health and the health of the people around you is quit smoking.

Our smoking cessation service provides one to one with one of our health and wellbeing coaches over 12 weeks.

You are three times more likely to succeed by working with us than going it alone. Sign up to Be Smoke Free to access our free support.

Be Smoke Free

It’s never too late

Regardless of how long you’ve been smoking for, whether it be 4 for 40 years, you will still experience these amazing improvements to your health after you quit.

  • 8 hours

    The carbon monoxide level in your blood will has halved. Your oxygen levels are recovering

  • 2-12 weeks

    Your blood is pumping to your heart and muscles much better

  • 48 hours

    Your lungs have cleared of mucus. Your sense of taste and smell is improving

  • 1 year

    Your risk of a heart attack has now halved compared to a smoker’s

  • 72 hours

    It will now feel easier to breath because your bronchial tubes are relaxing

  • 10 years

    Your risk of death from lung cancer has now halved compared to a smoker’s

How to get involved

Sign up to One You Haringey and one of our Health Coaches will be in touch to get you started.

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Smoke free app

Created for those who want to stop smoking, the Smokefree app is a 4 week programme that puts practical support, encouragement and tailored advice in the palm of your hand.

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