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Get moving - free online sessions for adults & children!

  • FRIDAY 13 MAY - 11am
  • WEDNESDAY 18 MAY - 11am
  • FRIDAY 27 MAY - 11am

Sit & Strengthen

Seated exercise to improve your muscle strength and endurance and maintain good posture. The session also helps with shaping legs, tummy, arm, back and shoulders.

We will incorporate light weights, but the session can be done without weights.

Body Flow

Stretch, lengthen and relax the body to reduce stiffness, increase flexibility and body flow in order to feel energised!

Strength & Condition

Improve muscle strength and endurance, maintain good posture and shape your legs, tummy, arms, chest, back and shoulders.

This session can incorporate weights, but can be done without them. Everything is done while moving the body with rhythm!

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ID: 627 956 3496
Passcode: PA2020

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